100% Organic all purpose cream specifically blended for extreme dry skin

Skin Quench 100% Organic all purpose creamOur customers say...

"Healed my 3 month old baby boy's sore eczema."

"Immediately calmed & soothed my tight pregnant belly itch & burn."

"My sore angry red sensitive skin looks so pretty now!"

"No more itching. Skin feels supple and not burning tight. Good stuff."

"It is wonderful stuff heals my dry eczema hands brilliantly."

"Healed my Eczema instantly. Thank you."   More Reviews...

Organic Eczema CreamSkin Quench All Purpose Cream this miraculous all-purpose formula will amaze you. The whipped blend of carefully chosen organic natural ingredients serves an astounding variety of purposes. Use it on your face as a cleanser, a facial moisturiser, an anti-ageing eye cream and facial oil that reduces visible fine lines and wrinkles, slather on your face for a full yummy anti-ageing nutritious chocolate face mask - no need to rinse off afterwards, just massage the excessive cream onto dry skin eg., hands, elbows and knees, etc. Or use as an intense pre-hair conditioning treatment to help mend split ends. Or use the cream as a leave-in hair conditioner to tame hair frizz for super looking defined moisturised curls. Use as an edible chocolate lip balm MMmmm, a healing nail and cuticle conditioner [strengthening for brittle nails]. Smooths rough dry elbows and hard skinned cracked feet. Treat skin conditions eczema and psoriasis with the cream's natural anti-inflammatory properties. Ideal for stretch mark prevention during pregnancy, restoring skin's elasticity and great for soothing redness, fading scars, and even healing blemishes, clearing acne [when used very sparingly]. The list goes on and on and on... Suitable for Vegans.



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